jBPM 6 at jeeconf.com 2014 in Kiev


Two weeks ago I was in Kiev at jeeconf.com. Colleague of mine recommended me this conference and I applied a talk there. There were many internationally known Java gurus, so it was an honor for me to give a talk there too!

My presentation was called “Streamline your processes with jBPM 6”. I focused on three things:

  • why are business process models useful in information systems
  • what are the most important jBPM 6 features in kie workbench and engine
  • how to embed jBPM into a web application (CDI, EJB, JSF) as a workflow engine library

So the third one was a demonstration of my example application I already blogged about.

The conference was well organized. I really enjoyed its atmosphere. I attended several talks in English:

  • Tooling of a test driven developer by Pawel Lipinski (basically about jParams and AssertJ and some Java 8 hints)
  • Mobile functional testing with Arquillian Droidium by Stefan Miklosovic (how you can create complex testing scenarios which may include several application servers and Android devices)
  • Holding down your Technical Debt with SonarQube by Patroklos Papapetrou (code quality management tool)

I also ‘tried to attend’ a presentation in Russian, but my very basic level of this language prevented me to understand it. Majority of the talks were in Russian, so this is the only drawback of this conference.

To sum it up, despite the current crisis, Kiev was safe to visit and I really enjoyed the city and the conference! Kudos to the organizers team.


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