My first blog post!

Hi all,

I am QA engineer from the Czech Republic and I’m going to write posts in English regarding to Java, Linux, open source and maybe other topics.


2 thoughts on “My first blog post!

  1. Rob Betgem

    I am integration JBPM on an existing JEE6 web application. Just like practised on this example, I try to wire up the runtime manager and load my dedicated process definition. From the example you I experienced that a series of dummy users are identified through this RewardsUserGroupCallback. My environment tries to accomplish identity management through LDAP on our company AD. For this I utilized the LDAPUserCallBackImpl class instead of the RewardsUserGroupCallback from the example. My question, how and when are the AD user groups and users tied in on the user tasks on the process definition, I assume that happens through the actorId and GroupId attributes. Many thanks in advance Rob

    1. jsvitak Post author

      Hi Rob,
      yes, you have to specify actorId or groupId attributes in the design time of the process definition. When the process flow reaches this particular human task, a task in the database is created for this actor to start working on it, or for group member to claim this task for himself (to prevent other group member to take it from him).

      Hope that helps,


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